General 50's Stuff

Personal Expressions by '58ers
Donnie Bergoust, Donn McClellan, Elmer Nord, George Sandul, Dennis Shafer, Jim Teigen

Articles by Andrea 'Andi" Hunter

Silent Films by Susan Bohlig

Matching Orders by Susan Bohlig

Growing-Up in Fargo by Dave Aaker


Don's Hamburgers Cafe

Eddy Court Neighborhood

Moving Memories of Woodrow Wilson School

Emerson Smith In Fargo Was First Free-Standing Grade School

Jefferson Elementary School
As of 9 Jul 2007 - what remained of the destruction of the school

More On Jefferson - Platoon System
(Aamoth, Bohlig, Hanson, Lanier, Larson, Linderman, Maxson, Neeb, Nelson, Revland, and Spalding)

Hawthorne Left Imprint In Fargo
(Arneson, Baker, Hansen, Henderson, Kingsrud, McLellan, Quam, Thorson and Trovatten)


Classmate Photos in Earlier Years

Cynosure Yearbooks
Some Pages from '58, 57, and '56

Remembering Beatrice (Bea) Ihlenfeld
Counselor, Girls Physical Education

Remembering James Ployhar
Music Educator - (Several emails, dated 02/01/07 and before)

Remembering Bill Snyder
Founded the "The Cynosure." the FCHS Alumni Association Newsletter